Property Management

You have done your due diligence in identifying your investment properties. Take the next step to preserve and protect your investment by choosing the right team to handle key aspects of managing them, including facility maintenance, tenant and occupancy management, financial and marketing supervision, as well as administration and risk management.


Leasing involves marketing the property to a pool of potential tenants. It takes constant and consistent effort to make sure that your investment property meets the income goals you have set. This is a function that takes careful planning and strategizing to optimize the available leasable periods of the property.



Matching the right tenants to the right property is a role that we take seriously. All applicants undergo thorough screening that would include standard background check, credit history, and employment and reference verification. We maintain strict rental standards, using applications and formulas designed to screen and categorize prospective renters. The rental application generates the information needed to make fair and impartial decisions when selecting tenants, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act.



The financial aspect of managing investment property should conform with professional standards of recordkeeping, cash management and customer service. We have an established system of rent collection that provides tenants with various convenient options to pay the rent in a timely manner. Documentation of all transactions are recorded electronically, the records of which are available for your review at any time. Access to funds is automated for your convenience.



The financial aspect of managing investment property should conform with professional standards of cash management, record keeping and records maintenance. We treat your investment property as an ongoing business concern and ensure creation and preservation of business records for taxation and other purposes.


As caregivers of your investment property, you will have peace of mind in knowing that professionals are looking after the physical aspects of your real estate. We schedule regular inspections of all parts of the property, document any concerns and schedule corrective measures as needed. These reports are available for you to browse on as they become available.



Eviction should be a last-resort option. As property managers, we do the due diligence by screening tenants, staying on top of rent and payment issues and working with tenants to avoid triggering the eviction process. However, if it ever gets to this point, we will manage the process effectively to collect delinquent rents, take possession of the property and prepare it for a quick turnaround.


As onsite managers, we cover all aspects of facility services, including custodial, maintenance, inspection and repairs. We have a team of employees and contractors who are available to address emergencies and routine calls at all hours.



As onsite property overseers, we will make sure that all repair issues, regardless of whether they are minor or major matters, will be given due attention. We have experts on staff, as well as contractors who have been fully vetted by us to perform repairs and renovations as needed, according to the terms of your contract.


We are the first line of contact at all times and at all hours, seven days a week. We have on-call staff even during the holidays, so that maintenance and emergency calls are answered and handled in a timely manner.



We have made it convenient for tenants to make their monthly payments and to communicate with us. The online payment portal is available to all tenants, with an option to contact our staff at their convenience. Property owners have access to the online payment portal for monitoring and review purposes as well.