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Artemis has the expertise and certifications necessary within the real estate industry to provide you with the impeccable service you deserve.

Artemis Management Company nurtures each client’s relationship with integrity, responsibility, responsiveness, satisfaction, love, and care. We are an essential part of your properties’ success as we tirelessly work with each client to create a solid and sustainable foundation, so it soars during high times, and endures during low ones.

Artemis understands the importance of a well-run property. We are problem solvers and caregivers. We plan and strategize result-driven operating plans to increase your property’s financial potential, improve effective communications, and streamline maintenance performance. Our operation infrastructure—such as technologies, support services, and marketing resources—speaks for itself.

We value our relationships with our clients, and we strive to grow long-term and productive partnerships. We understand we are tasked with looking after your most valuable investments and assets. We ensure we will maintain your property to the highest standards and provide you a stable flow of income.
Artemis Management Company is here to watch over you.

Property Management

We are a licensed Real Estate Broker, Authorized Contractor and we are certified in both Property Management and Bank Owned Properties.

You’ve done your due diligence in identifying your investment properties. Take the next step to preserve and protect your investment by choosing the right team to handle key aspects of managing them, including facility maintenance; tenant and occupancy management; financial and marketing supervision; as well as administration and risk management.

Whether your property is a single-family home, multi-unit complex, mixed use or commercial property, we have a property management solution for you. You are an individual and so is your property. Artemis carefully crafts a management plan to suit each client’s needs, providing maximum exposure in a highly-competitive market. We are certified in both Property Management and Bank Owned Properties, so rest assured that Artemis Management Company has the professional knowledge you need to succeed.

Maximize Asset Value With Artemis By Your Side

Strategic agency leasing ensures that your investment yields high value and long-term tenants whether for a signature property or portfolio.

Leasing involves marketing the property to a pool of potential tenants. It takes constant and consistent effort to make sure that your investment property meets your income goals. Through careful strategy and planning, Artemis expertly optimizes the available leasable periods of your property.

Leasing, however, is so much more than simply expert marketing. Leasing agents are the face of your property. It is important professional, personable agents represent you. Customer service is a special skillset. Like our property owners, tenants also need to feel welcome and cared for. Don’t lose the perfect tenant to a competitor due to a lack of customer service.

Taking Care of The People, Places and Spaces That Matter To You

Dedicated to providing you with our streamlined approach to facility services.

As onsite managers, we cover all aspects of facility services, including custodial, maintenance, inspection, and repairs. Artemis has a team of employees and contractors who are available to address emergencies and routine calls at all hours.

Getting The Job Done Right

Stop losing time, resources and money. Let us show you how we can help.

Our package of services can be customized to your needs. Managing an investment property means ensuring the integrity of the physical structures and all outdoor areas. Electrical and plumbing systems, roof, walls and windows, and much more must be maintained adequately to meet structural and aesthetic standards. We stand behind the quality of our repair and maintenance work, as well as any remodeling projects we do for you. Well-maintained properties enhance tenant retention and preserve property values.

Additionally, property owners benefit by using a property management company to spearhead maintenance and remodeling. It can prove difficult to separate your personal style from your property. You want your property to present well to a diverse pool of tenants, not just the ones who share your aesthetic. We ensure that all maintenance and remodels are not only done professionally, but also objectively adhere to the standards and trends of your property type and location.

Discover Our Property Management Services

Property Marketing

Using a sophisticated assortment of advertising and promotional tools, Artemis skillfully increases your property’s visibility. Jacksonville enjoys a highly-competitive real estate market due to a steady supply of renters. There is no reason for a good property to experience vacancy in the Florida market. An Artemis marketing strategy ensures your property stands out from the crowd.

Tenant Screening

A bad tenant can create problems for both the rental unit and the property’s rental community. A poor choice in tenants often quickly turns into a costly error for a property owner. Artemis carefully screens every rental application to identify potential red flags. We protect you by catching problems before they happen.


Property maintenance is both tedious and time-consuming, but a necessary part of running a rental business. We stay on top of routine maintenance and repairs, and we guarantee the job is done right the first time. Additionally, we process tenant requests timely and professionally, adhering to the highest standards of customer service.

Rent Collection

At Artemis, we understand better than anyone that your tenants’ rent is your income. Complications in rent collection interrupt your cash flow. Rest easy knowing we handle all rent and fee collections responsibly and efficiently. Your earnings are quickly disbursed to your account—we’re here to ensure your rent check is on the way.

Property Inspections

Artemis keeps an attentive eye on your property to ensure regular inspections are never overlooked. Regular inspections help to catch issues before they turn into a problem. We take inspections, required or not, seriously. Inspections protect both you and your tenants from physical and financial harm.

Financial Reporting

Artemis generates monthly reports for your property. We document both earnings and expenses, giving you an accurate picture of your property’s financial well-being. We create a convenient online portal for your property that you may log into any time, day or night, to review your real estate finances.


Evictions are never pleasant, but sometimes they are necessary. At Artemis, we have the experience and qualifications required to walk you through an eviction process, legally and painlessly. We work efficiently to fill your vacant rental qualified tenant replacement. Don’t let a bad tenant drain you of your resources.

Legal Guidance

Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation due to a simply legal oversight. Housing laws and ordinances can vary property by property. Artemis monitors all Florida housing laws and ordinances and any changes therein. We watch over you to keep you compliant, reducing your financial liability.

From Our Blog

"When we we're trying to find someone to rent our house in Lynn and were moving to a city two hours away, Artemis Management Company did an amazing job of screening perspective tenants. They found us a great family to rent our house and did a fantastic job of maintaining our property. I highly recommend Artemis Management Company to anyone."


"Artemis Management Company has shown outstanding ability to resolve problems, provide maintenance and make improvements at Riverside Condominium. They have taken care of Riverside Condominium as though it was their own property and have provided higher quality service at a more affordable price than our previous management company."

Joyce D.

"As a Trustee. it is a pleasure to work with professional people like Artemis Management Company- people that really take care of your properties, they are always do an excellent job with any project in the condominium."

Sean C. & Fernando V.